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Welcome to Yokohama Motors JDM Auto Parts Store. Japanese OEM and Quality Aftermarket products direct to you from Japan. Over 39 years in the export market and located in Yokohama. We carry all OEM parts for all Japanese JDM vehicles, both cars & trucks. Classic cars and Mitsubishi Jeeps included.

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Hijet Steering Drag Link S200P, S210P, S211

Replace your worn steering box drag link to improve steering stifness. Fits S200P, S210P, S320, S330, S201, S211

・7,980 45054-97502 Quantity:
Hijet Strut Bumper Cushion Guide SET S110P, S200P, S210P

Two Piece Set. A worn out Bumper Cushion Guide can cause the strut to hang up or squeek. Best to replace with Cushion at the same time.

・4,980 48559-87504-SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab AT Shift Cable U42T, U41T

Automatic Transmission Shift Select Cable. Replace your worn cable with this fresh unit for beter shifting.

・14,880 MB659878 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DB52T Engine Mount LH

LH Engine Mount Assembly. DB52T Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering. Heavy item

・15,980 11710-78A10 Quantity:
Honda Acty Transmission Mount HA4 Series

Honda Acty Transmission Mount HA3/HA4 Series. Include chassis number when ordering.

・7,890 50805-SJ7-050 Quantity:
Minicab U62T Radiator Cap Assembly

Replace your cracked or worn Cap Assembly with this new complete assembly. Also fit nissan Clipper U72T. Include chassis number when ordering

・7,980 MR497153 Quantity:
Sambar New Distributor Supercharged Engine: Early Type

Brand New Distributor Assembly: Early type Supercharged Engines. Include chassi snumber when ordering to assure proper fiting. Example KS4-123456

・29,880 22100KA591 Quantity:
Mitsubsihi Minicab Heater Core U41T, U42T

Replacement Heater Core for Minicab U41V, U41T, U42T. Please include chassis number when ordering. Aslo replaces PN 7801A702

・22,800 MB898307 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Disk Brake Dust Cover

Replace your worn or damaged Front Disk Brake Dust Cover with this new unit. Fits both LH/RH Side. Fits DD51T, DB52T, DA63T, DA65T 4WD Trucks.

・2,980 55221-51F00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Front Hub 4WD DB52T, DA63T, DA16T

Front Hub replacement for 4WD DB52T, DA63T, DA16T Trucks

・13,880 43420-76811 Quantity:
Daihatsu Rear Lamp Assmbly LH S211, S201 Series

Daihatsu Rear Lamp Assmbly LH S211, S201 Series Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering

・9,980 81560-B5050 Quantity:
Daihatsu Rear Lamp Assmbly RH S211, S201 Series

Daihatsu Rear Lamp Assmbly RH S211, S201 Series Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering

・9,980 Quantity:
Suzuki Jimny Bikini Sun Top

Enjoy summer and with this nice quality Bikini Top. Please state color when ordering. Black, Beige or Silver. Fits SJ30, SJ40, JA51, JA71, JA11, JA12 Jimny.

・24,880 SJ21-Top Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Stainless Light Guard Set

Stainless Steel Light Guards that are tough and Made in Japan. These guard wont rust and made you Jeep look sharp!

・14,800 Jeep-MJ74 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Engine EFSE Enigne S210P Truck

Factory Rebuilt Long Block assembly. EFSE Single camshaft series. Fits S200P, S210P Truck Series. We must have your chassis number to process. Includes instalation Gaskets, water pump and timing belt (pre-installed), Spark plugs. Free shipping door to door for USA, Canada (Not including territories or Remote). Email before purchase.

・265,000 19000-97501-RBLT Quantity:
Daihatsu Distributor S110P EFNS Engine

Rebuilt Distributor Assembly. Fits S100P, S110P models produced 1994 to Sept 1995 Production EFNS Engine. Alt PN 19060-87224-000. Include chassis number when ordering

・26,880 19060-87228-000-RBLT Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab AT Transmission Inhibitor Switch

Broken Inhibitor Switch can cause your AT transmission to fail to go into gear. Common problem of shift issues. Must include chassis number. U41T/U42T/U62T AT Transmission.

・14,800 MB6780295 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Distributor Pick Up Coil

Distributor Pickup Coil Replacment. Bring freshness back to your ignition system. OEM replacment MD618524. Include your chassis number when ordering.

・6,980 T602X36071 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Fender Trun Signal Lamp DB52T, DA63T

Front Fender Side Marker Turn Signal lamp assembly. Fits DA52T, DB52T, DA63T, DA62T Series Trucks. Fits LH or RH Fender Side.

・2,980 36410-50E01 Quantity:
Honda Acty Clutch Cable HA3, HA4 Series

Honda Acty Clutch Cable for HA3, HA4 Series Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering.

・12,800 22910-SJ6-040 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Combination Switch DA51T, DD51T

OEM Suzuki Carry Combination Switch DA51T, DD51T. Due to differences we need your chassis number to confirm. Email questions before ordering. We also have used available.

・29,800 37400-50F25 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Shift Cable Set U62T, U62V

Replacement Shift Cable Set. Restore smoothness to your shifting. Please include chassis number when ordering to confirm correct fit.

・18,800 MR553960 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab 3G83 Crankshaft Position Sensor U62T, U62V

Replace your worn crankshaft position sensor with this OEM replacement. A bad sensor will cause rough running engine. Include chassis number when ordering.

・14,880 MR560603 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Crankshaft Pulley EF Series Engines

New OEM replacement Crankshaft Pulley. Fits all EF Series Engines. S82P, S83P, S100P, S110P and Daihatsu Midget K100 Series.

・8,980 13471-87226-000 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Air Filter KR6, KT6

Classic Sambar Model Air Filter. Fits EK23 Engines. Models KR1, KR2, KR5, KR6, KT1, KT6. Also replaces old PN 16546KA040. Limited supplies.

・3,880 16546KA080 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry O2 Sensor DA63T DA65T DG63T

Suzuki Carry O2 Sensor DA63T DA65T & Mazda Scrum DG63T DG64V DG64W (PN 1A17-18-861). Highly recommended to change on vehicles over 80,000 kilometers.

・13,880 18213-68H00 Quantity:
Japanese Speaking Turn & Back Up Caution Alarm System

Have the same Japanese system on your truck that speaks when you are driving. 的知 Turning Left, 的知 Backing Up Be careful! 釘eep Beep Beep Fun accessory to add to your car or truck. Works on 12V or 24V System

・14,880 100689-0050 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Crankshaft EN07 Engine

Brand new Genuine Subaru Replacement Crankshaft. Fits all carbureted, supercharged Sambar EN07C & EN07Y Engines. KS, KV, TT Series Trucks & Vans. Required STD Size bearings, not included. Heavy Item 10kg. Email questions before ordering.

・58,880 12201KA201 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Akabo High Performance Valve Cover

OEM Heavy Duty "Akabo" Red valve cover. Fits all EN07 KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4. Looks cool!

・14,880 13285KA381 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Front Strut LH/RH SET U62T

Replace your weak strut with this Heavy Duty Replacement Unit. Fits LH or RH Side. Replaces old PN MR353676. SET, Includes 2 Struts. Include Chassis number when ordering.

・38,280 MR961885-SET Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Rear Shock TT1/TT2/TV1/TV2 Series Truck & Vans Set (2)

Replacement Rear Shock Absorber Set ( 2 Rear Shocks). Include chassis number when ordering.

・22,800 20365TC000-SET Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Fuel Injector SET: DA52T, DB52T, DA63T Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Fuel Injector. (3 piece) Injector Set. Fits DA52T, DB52T (all) Note: DA63T Production year to 2003 November. Email questions before ordering. Replaces PN 15710-78G00

・18,800 15710-78G00-SET-AFT Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Timing Belt & Water Pump Set U41T/U42T

Kit includes Water Pump, Timing Belt, and Tensioner. Include chassis number when ordering.

Daihatsu Hijet Heater Control Panel Assembly

Replace your worn out control assembly with this genuine replacement. Includes pre-attached three control cables. Fits S200, S210, S220, S230 Series vehicles. Include chassis number when ordering.

・13,880 55910-97504-000 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Rear Driveshaft DA63T 4WD MT Transmissions

New Suzuki OEM Replacement Rear Driveshaft for Manual Transmission Trucks. Replaces Old PN 27102-67H40. Include chassis number when ordering.

・39,880 27102-67H42 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Ignition Switch Assembly TT1/TT2

Replace your worn or broken Ignition lock/Switch Assembly with this nice new unit. Includes 2 Keys. Fits TT1/TT2 series Sambar. We must have your chassis number to process this order.

・16,880 83191TC020 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Van Radiator S110V, S110W, S120V, S130V

Replace your old leaking radiator with this brand new replacement. Replaces old PN 16400-87D29-000, 16400-87D30-000. Fits Vans and Deck Vans S110V, S110W, S120V, S130V. Include chassis number when ordering

・29,880 16400-87D34-000 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet S80P/S81P EB 550cc Engine

Daihatsu Hijet Factory Rebuilt Engine. S80P/S81P Series Trucks EB 550cc Engine. No Core Charge, No Core Return. Email for more information. Shipping Billed Seperate.

・275,000 EB550ENGINELONG Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Engine assembly: EFNS S110P Truck

Factory rebuilt with Genuine OEM Daihatsu Parts. Put the life back into your truck with this fresh engine. No Core Charge. Must supply chassis number when ordering. Price includes Shipping to USA (Not territories) and Canada (Not remote locations). Email questions before ordering. Other countries email for shipping information.

・249,000 19000-87570-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Hemi Style Replacement Engine 12 Valve Type: U41T/U42T

Factory Rebuilt Long Block Engine Assembly. OEM Mitsubishi Parts. 12 Valve Hemi Type Engine: 12 Valves. No Core Charge; no Core Return. Free Shipping to USA, Canada. (Not remote areas or territories). Email for others.

・250,000 U42TENGHEMI12VRBLT Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Engine Long Block U41T/U42T 3G83 660cc Engine Series 6 Valve

Fits U18T/U19T/U41T/U42T Refurbished Factory remanufactured 6 Valve Type Long Block Engine. Also fits many Toro mower applications. For more information click more info. Free Shipping to mainland USA and parts of Canada/NZ/Australia. Email for details before purchase.

・250,000 ENGINE3G6V Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Rebuilt Engine. DA51T/DB51T/DA51T/DD51T

Factory rebuilt Quality engines with Genuine Japanese Parts made in Japan. All engines fully rebuilt and tested on dyno. Also Long Blocks includes new water pump and timing belt pre installed. Installation gasket kit included. Free Shipping to USA/Canada (Excluding remote areas) Email before purchasing.

・275,000 DD51TF6ARBTENG Quantity:
Suzuki Carry K6A Factory Rebuilt Engine Truck/Van

Suzuki Factory Remanufactured Engine. Rebuilt at the factory with all Genuine Suzuki Parts. Includes Free Shipping to USA (Not territories), Canada (not remote). Others email before purchase.

・275,000 K6A-OEM Quantity:
Suzuki Carry F6A Connecting Rod Set (3 Rods)

Genuine Suzuki Connecting Rod Set (Three Connecting Rods). Fits F6A DB51T/DD51T/DB52T. Replaces old PN 12160-60D00, 12160-60D01. Note: Does Not Fit Turbocharged Engines. Does not include Bearings

・28,980 12160-60D02-Set Quantity:
Subaru Sambar EN07C Carbureted Rebuilt Engine

Factory Rebuilt Long Block engine. Replace your worn out engine with this factory fresh replacement. No Core Charge.

・275,000 EN07CENGASSY Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Exhaust Header Pipe

Fits DB51T, DD51T Early models. Replaces old PN 14190-85001. Very limited supplies. Gaskets sold separately. Include chassis number when ordering.

・15,800 14190-8500V Quantity:
Suzuki Rear Axle Shaft: DB51T

Genuine Suzuki Replacement Rear Shaft LH or RH. Include chassis number when ordering. Weight 6 kg.

・21,800 44210-85400 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Transmission 2WD R4M11

Replace your worn transmission with this low miles and inspected Unit. We have 2WD Transmissions for all Mitsubishi Minicab trucks. Upgrade your US version 3 speed to this nice 4 speed for more top end speed. Email before ordering to match the correct model for your truck or van. Note: Shipping will be billed separate. Average FedEx door to Door to USA/Canada/NZ/AUS $350~$400.

・65,000 R4M11-1USDTRANNY Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab U62T Used Transmission

Quality low kilometer units. Free Shipping to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia by Fedex/DHL to your door. For other countries email before ordering.We must have your chassis number to process this order.

・145,000 U62TUSDTRANS5SP Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Standard Grade Seat Cover Set S200 Series

Standard Grade comfortable vinyl seat cover set for Daihatsu S200P, S210P, S201, S211, S500, S510 Series trucks. Strong covers for work trucks.

Daihatsu Hijet Floor Mat Set S210P/S200P

Heavy Duty Rubber Replacement Floor Mat Set for Daihatsu S200P/S210P Series trucks.

・7,980 FLOORMATSETS210P Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep: J50 Series: Bikini Top/Half Top

Enjoy summer driving with this nice bikini/half roof top. Fits all J50 Series Mitsubishi Jeeps. Some models may require slight fitting modifications. Note: You must have the roll bar installed to use this top. Please State color (Black/Silver/Beige) When ordering.

・26,500 MJ-50 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry F6A Piston Set: Standard

OEM Suzuki Piston Set: STD. Fits F6A DD51T Series Carbureted Trucks. Note: Oversize not available. You must use Piston Ring Set 12140-73D00 with these pistons Rings sold separately. Include chassis number when ordering.

・22,800 12111-51E00-0B0-3SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Water Pump J53 4DR6

Replacement Water pump for J53 Turbocharged 4DR6 Engines. Note: does not have bypass tube for 1988,1989 models. Fits 1990-1998 J53. Email chassis number with order. Non-returnable item. Very Limited supplies. Heavy item.

・39,880 ME996784 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry 4WD Shift Controller Computer DB51T

New OEM Suzuki 4WD Shift Controller. Fits DB51T Trucks.

・28,800 38885-85021 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar ECVT Automatic Converter Brush Holder Kit

Changing this Simple Installation ECVT Converter Brush Holder Kit can improve Shift problems if worn. When brushes are worn out transmission will slip. Include chassis number.

・9,480 30510KA101 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar ECVT Transmission Overhaul Gasket Set

OEM Subaru ECVT transmission overhaul Gasket & Seal Set. Include chassis number when ordering.

・12,800 31044KA074 Quantity:
Suzuki In-Line Noise Filter

Failure of this filter can cause fuel pump to stop functioning. Located in Engine Harness. DD51T Series Trucks. FW-NF-4M (11492-1105)

・3,890 33553-52E00 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Piston Set: EFSE Engines S210P

Genuine Daihatsu Piston Set (3 Pistons & Pins): STD Size. Fit EFSE 660cc Series Engines. We must have your chassis number to process this order.

・21,480 13101-97202-03 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Ignition Coil (3) Set

Set includes Three (3) Ignition Coils. DB52T, DA63T

・18,880 33400-76G00-SET Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet & Midget Vacuum Switch

Replace your broken Vacuum Control Switch to restore proper Vacuum Control for your carburetor control system. Fits S82P, S83P, S110P, K100 Series Daihatsu Vehicles.

・12,860 90048-27018-000 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Idle Speed Control Solenoid

ISC Solenoid OEM Replacement. Also replaces old PN 13420-77G00. Fits DA52T, DB52T, DA52V trucks and Vans. Include chassis number when ordering. Note: Gasket Not included, order separately.

・36,800 13420-77G01 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry TPS Sensor DB52T, DA63T

Replace your faulty TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) with this OEM replacement. Fits DB52T, DA62T, DA63T trucks and Vans. Include chassis number when ordering. Replaces old PN 13420-77G00

・12,880 13420-77G01 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Throttle Body Pressure Sensor DB52T, DA63T

OEM Replacement Throttle Body Air Intake Pressure Sensor. Fits DB52T, DA62T, DA63T trucks and Vans. Include chassis number when ordering.

・18,800 18590-72F21 Quantity:
Daihatsu Front S210P Series Front RH CV Axle Assembly

Brand New Front RH drivers side CV Axle Complete Assembly. Include Chassis number when ordering to insure proper fitting parts.

・29,500 43410-97503-000 Quantity:
Daihatsu Front S210P Series Front LH CV Axle Assembly

Brand New Front LH passenger side CV Axle Complete Assembly. Include Chassis number when ordering to insure proper fitting parts

・29,500 43420-97501-000 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Front Strut Spring Set DA62T/DA63T

OEM Replacement Front Strut Springs. Replace your worn out springs with these HD strong spring replacements. Also replaces PN 41111-67H10. Include chassis number when ordering. Includes two (2) Springs.

・18,880 41111-67H12 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Front Strut DA63T RH

Front Strut Replacement Assembly: Drivers Side. Fits both 2WD & 4WD

・22,500 41601-67H00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Front Strut DA63T LH

Front Strut Replacement Assembly: Passenger Side. Fits both 2WD & 4WD

・22,500 41602-67H00 Quantity:
Daihatsu Front CV Joint Inner Boot Kit

CV Inner Boot Repair Kit. Include Chassis number when ordering to insure proper parts. OEM PN 04438-87514-000

・2,880 FB-2069 Quantity:
Daihatsu Front CV Joint Outer Boot Kit

CV Outer Boot Repair Kit. Include Chassis number to insure proper fitting.

・2,880 04438-87525-000 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry AC Condenser Fan Assembly DA63T

OEM Replacement Condenser fan assembly for AC equipped vehicles. Include chassis number when ordering.

・15,880 95560-78A11 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Fan Shroud DA63T

Replace your broken or cracked Fan Shroud with the OEM Replacement. Include Chassis number when ordering.

・8,800 17761-67H02 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Fuel Tank Level Sending Gage

Replace your broken Fuel Gage Level Sending Unit. Fits DB71T, DB51T, DD51T Series Trucks. Note: Does not fit Vans. Email for other applications.

・5,780 34810-79002 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Radiator Inlet Pipe DD51T, DB51T

Replace your rusted or leaking Radiator Inlet Pipe with this OEM Suzuki Replacement. Note: We need your chassis number to place this order.

・10,800 17840-53F1V Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Radiator Outlet Pipe

Replace your rusted or leaking Radiator Outlet Pipe with this OEM Suzuki Replacement. Note: We need your chassis number to place this order.

・13,600 17850-53FV2 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Front Disk Brake Rotor Set S110P Trucks

Fits all S100 Series Trucks and Vans. Includes Both Front LH/RH Rotors (1 set)

・13,500 43512-87521 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet: Master Cylinder: S80P Series

Master Cylinder Assembly: S80P Standard: Bore ID=19.05mm or 3/4 Inch. OEM Daihatsu Genuine Replacement Parts. For fitting requirements send email with Chassis VIN number. We carry Rebuilt kits also, inquires welcome.

・29,850 47201-87513-000 Quantity:
Daihatsu Midget Clutch Kit

OEM Replacement Rotor. Fits EF-CK 660cc Engines. Body type K100P, K100C. Limited Supplies.

・17,900 DHK010A Quantity:
Honda Acty: E07A: Distributor Cap: HA2/HA3/HA3/HA4/HH3/HH4

Honda Acty: E05A, E07A: 660cc: Genuine Honda Distributor Cap: Fits HA2/HA3/HA3/HA4/HH3/HH4. 550cc & 660cc Engines. We carry all Honda Distributor Caps in stock. We require your VIN number to process this order. Email us for other applications.

・3,280 30102-PZ3-J02 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep hood Latch

Mitsubishi Jeep hood Latch OEM replacement Hood/Bonnet Latch. Replace your broken, rusted or missing latch.

・2,280 MJ663548 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep J50 Series Half Body Cover

Mitsubishi Jeep J50 Series Half Body Cover

・16,800 MJ72 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Military Option Headlamp Steel Guards

Rare option: Genuine Japanese Military Headlamp Guards. A must for off-road driving. Heavy duty Military Parts, Fits All Mitsubishi Jeeps. Color: Army Green. Limited Supplies.

・9,880 MA393585-SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Mincab: U42T 4WD Free Wheel Clutch Solenoid ・13,800 MB569739 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo 3G81 & 3G83 Engine Series: Connecting Rod Bearing Set

OEM Factory Replacement

Models: U15T, U19T, U41T, U41TP, U42T
Complete OEM Set
Include VIN number when ordering

・7,980 MD114816 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Rebuilt Distributor Type 1

Mitsubishi U41T/U42T Factory Rebuilt Distributor. We must have your VIN number to process this order to insure correct unit. Alternate PN T2T83471. T2T83472

・24,800 MD180933 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Speedometer Cable U41T/U42T

OEM Minicab Speedometer Cable. Please include VIN when ordering.

・9,880 MB680541 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Water Pump U42V, U42T

Mitsubishi Minicab Water Pump U42V, U42T. 1990/12 to 1999/08 3G83 Engine OEM: MD997688 or MD997689

・7,980 WPM-005 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab: U41T, U42T, U41V, U42V 3G83 Piston

Genuine Mitsubishi OEM 3G83 Standard Size Piston. We must have you VIN number to match. For other applications email us. Sold individually.

・8,980 MD161582 Quantity:
Sambar KS4/KV4: Front Differential Rear Mount Assembly

Sambar KS4/KV4: Front Differential Rear Mount Assembly Rear Differential mounts that are bad provide rough ride and cause vibration in the drive train. This will damage struts with overstress on the suspension. Always replace from differential mounts before replacing struts.

・4,280 41322TA000 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor: KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 EN07 Engine

Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor: KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 EN07 Engine. Will be shipped by DHL only. Email any questions before ordering.

・42,500 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 Carburetor Gasket Kit

This is an OEM Subaru Factory Main Gasket Kit. This will allow you to disassemble, inspect, clean and reassemble your carburetor. For other internal gaskets and parts not included in this kit you may order separately.

・3,880 16158-KA200 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Fuel Pump Relay Supercharged Engines

OEM replacement Relay for EN07Y Supercharged engines. Also, Denso PN 056700-5260. Fits KS3/KS4/KV3/KV4 series vehicles. Email questions before ordering.

・3,250 82501GA240 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry 4WD Vacuum Engagement Solenoid Pack DB52T, DA63T

OEM Replacement 4WD Vacuum Valve Engagement Solenoid Pack. Failed solenoids prevent front differential to engage 4WD. Fits DB52T/DA63T Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering.

・13,880 27951-85600 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Automatic Transmission Filter 3AT

OEM Replacement Automatic Transmission Filter: Fits 3 Speed AT Transmission: S200P/S210P Series Trucks. Include VIN when Ordering.

・8,800 35303-97502 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Left

Factory Rebuilt Passenger Side (Left) Caliper. Please include VIN number when ordering. We have Calipers for all makes and models. No Core Charge.

・19,800 55102-50FA00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Right

Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Right Factory Rebuilt Drivers Side (Right) Caliper. Please include VIN number when ordering. We have Calipers for all makes and models. No Core Charge.

・19,800 55101-50FA00 Quantity: Please include VIN or Chassis number when ordering
Suzuki Carry DD51T Steering Rack Assembly

Replace your worn out Steering Rack with this Complete Remanufactured Factory Replacement Steering Rack assembly. We also carry in stock used units at Email questions before ordering. Always include VIN number when placing an order to insure proper fitting.

・48,980 48500-50FA0 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Rebuilt Factory OEM Carburetor DD51T

DD51T Rebuilt Carburetor

・42,500 13201-77D91
Suzuki Carry: DB52T Camshaft Position Sensor

Failing Camshaft Position Sensors can cause rough idle, hard starts, and loss of power. Recommended to change every 100,000 Kilometers or at the same time as Timing Belt Replacement.

・8,050 33220-76G02 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry: DD51T: Fuel Pump

Factory Suzuki OEM Replacement Fuel Pump for Carbureted F6A engines (Including Mazda Scrum DH51T). 3 Pin Connector Type. For Two Pin Connector type order PN 15100-75DV0.

・23,480 15100-53F03 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Center Arm Bushing

Replace your center arm bushing with this OEM replacement part. Helps stabilize worn out steering linkage. Fits S82P, S82V, S83P, S83V, S110P, S110V Series Hijet Trucks & Vans.

・3,980 90043-89104 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Front Strut RH S80P/S81P/S82P/S83P

Daihatsu OEM Front Drivers Side Replacement Strut. Include chassis number when ordering. Limited Supplies

・29,500 48510-87547 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Front Strut LH S80P/S81P/S82P/S83P

Daihatsu OEM Front Passenger Side Replacement Strut. Include chassis number when ordering. Limited Supplies

・29,500 48520-87539 Quantity:
Honda Acty Distributor HA3/HA4 E07A Engine

New OEM Replacement Complete Distributor Assembly. We must have your chassis number to process this order. We also stock rebuilt and used distributors. Email for details.

・52,880 30100-PZ3-J03 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Blower Motor: U61T/U62T Trucks

OEM replacement blower motor fan. Include chassis when ordering.

・12,580 7802A222 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Exhaust Temp Sensor DD51T Trucks

Replace your burned out Exhaust Temp Sensor with this OEM Replacement.

・10,880 14810-84000 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Radiator Cooling Fan S110P S210P

Daihatsu Hijet Radiator Cooling Fan. Replace your wornor Broken fan with this new unit. Fits all S100P, S110P, S200P, S210P

・6,880 16690-87506-000 Quantity:

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